Content Strategy

At Sound Idea, we know the content strategy of any website or broader digital campaign is vital for the success of that project. By developing an ironclad “roadmap” based on tested methodologies and set to very firm deadlines we are able to develop a campaign or website that will perform in a predictable and successful way.  

The content of a website relates to all the information on that website.

  • This takes the form of text or informative copy, definitions or “brochure-style” written content. 
  • Images form a large part of website content and can be used for portfolios, explanatory graphs or simple “mood-shots”.
  • Video content may include anything from a live feed to a running online T.V channel, brief tutorials and/or product guide videos.
  • Podcasts and sound-clips are also great resources to put on your site.

The Sound Idea Methodology is based on almost two decades of traditional and digital marketing and advertising experience. Our Content Strategies are approached with a holistic mindset. We factor all the neccessary components; Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, Relevant and Appropriate Copy and a long term Content Promotion Strategy.

The success of a website rests on the quality and quantity of the information and copy that is used. Better quality copywriting and text will result in increased credibility in your field. The more copy you have, the better your chances of being found by Google and displayed on the first page. At Sound Idea the Research and Development process is paramount. We believe that a good plan determines the success of any marketing promotions project.

With traditional media under our belt we are capable of advising on everything from logos to visuals and slogans.

Who is Sound Idea Digital?

Sound Idea Digital is an established Web Development Company focusing on Systems Development, SharePoint Development, Application Development, Intranet Development, Learning Management Systems, and eLearning Material Development.

Our team is able to handle any customisation or functional requirement request, regardless of the complexity. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our team, and our ability to deliver your project on time without fail.

What We Can Do For You 

The Sound Idea Digital team will custom develop your web application from the ground up.





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