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At Sound Idea Digital we develop bespoke web-based applications. We pride ourselves in our versatility and efficiency, which allows us to develop the most complex of systems within tight deadlines. 

Every web application development project is handled individually and built to specification. No two businesses are the same, which means every project needs to be carefully planned and structured. At Sound Idea our team of web system and web application developers consists of consultants, developers and project managers which means your project will be met and lead by professionals at every stage.

Modern web applications must be adaptable to different devices and platforms in order to succeed. For this reason we ensure every developed web application has cross-platform and cross-device (responsive design) compatibility. 

Another essential element to web application development is developing an application that is easily adoptable, and the best way of doing so is by designing an application that is intuitive to its users. At Sound Idea we implement UX (User Experience) Design best practices and standards to ensure your web application/system is intuitive to its users ensuring ease of adoption and use.

Previously developed web applications include:

- 4 large Content Management Systems
- Health and Safety (Incident Reporting) Application
- Lead Management System
- Ideas Management System
- Room and Floor Visualisation System
- SharePoint-based front end system for a call centre
- Dynamic Digital Signage System
- Reservation System for hotels and resorts
- Interactive SMS System
- Project Management System
- 360’ Leadership Assessment
- Various other custom SharePoint applications

No matter the degree of customisation or complexity required our development team has the knowledge and skill to make your system or application a complete success.

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Who is Sound Idea Digital?

Sound Idea Digital is an established Web Development Company focusing on Systems Development, SharePoint Development, Application Development, Intranet Development, Learning Management Systems, and eLearning Material Development.

Our team is able to handle any customisation or functional requirement request, regardless of the complexity. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our team, and our ability to deliver your project on time without fail.

What We Can Do For You 

The Sound Idea Digital team will custom develop your web application from the ground up.





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