Sound Idea is a Full Service Digital Agency.

Web Development

Our team custom develops your website, blog, microsite, mobisite and any other required applications. We have built our own Content Management System (CMS) that is both flexible and user-friendly. We also offer hosting services and domain registrations, giving you a full all-round service.

Systems Development

Our team custom develops SharePoint Intranets, Discussion Forums, Ideas Sharing systems and Document sharing systems.



LMS & eLearning Development

We digitally produce training modules and facilitate eLearning courses, assisting students as well as administrators. We have or own Learning Management System (LMS) that is completely customisable according to your company's needs. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our experienced team develops and architects your company's marketing strategy from the ground up. We are experts at social media marketing, video marketing and website ranking.


Content Marketing

Every unit of content necessary for an effective website, microsite, blog and social media platform can be generated, supplied and maintained by our editorial team.


Mobile Marketing

A mobile marketing campaign can be employed as collateral to your digital marketing strategy. Mobile applications, mobisites, podcasts and streaming video are an essential part of any contemporary Digital Marketing Campaign.


Video Production

With more than two decades video production and animation experience, we take care of everything from story boarding and scripting, to directing and editing. We specialise in Corporate, Health and Safety and Marketing videos. 


3D Stereoscopic

We produce high quality stereoscopic videos and imaging. From here you can also access our 3D stereoscopic video and photography gallery.


Website Management

Web content management requires regular fresh content updates and constant monitoring. We increase your web traffic and grow your number of unique visitors by constantly improving content and keywords depending on your google analytics stats and the searched that lead to your website.


PPC Campaigns

The Google Pay Per Click system matching relevant advertising with related searches. By building well planned landing pages and properly written and researched advert text, we believe that a PPC campaign can benefit a full digital campaign tremendously.



E-Mail Marketing

The future of any well-planned marketing campaign is personal relationships. In real terms this means regular contact and useful information. By pre-scripting hundreds of relevant paths and responses in our Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) we are able to maintain business communication with large databases and collect usable data at the same time. 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At Sound Idea we conduct a constant study of SEO criteria, algorithms and keyword research applicable to modern search engines. By constant monitoring of website traffic and the use of solid techniques, our SEO methods guarantee success!


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