LMS & E-learning Development

Life Long Learning is the only way to feed need for new skills. Our Learning Management System offers  web-based application for e-learning education courses or training programs. We also produce interactive eLearning Courses which are all SCORM compliant.


Online education systems, tools and methods are revolutionary in the spectrum of global learning. eLearning methods create the perfect learning scenario for employee training programs, and personal development for those who want to continue learning in a way that is manageable and undisruptive. We digitally produce your training modules and facilitate eLearning courses, assisting students as well as administrators.

The benefit of eLearning is that it forms a fully interactive learning experience for users. The system can provide audio and visual material to show a student how to do a task and then allow that student to practice the material independently. 

The Sound Idea Interactive Learning Management System provides a full online solution:

  • Administrating members (and the various organisations or departments that they come from)
  • Simple development of tests, assessments and content
  • Managing student access to lessons
  • Monitoring student progress and tracking scores
  • Enabling a collaborative learning environment
  • Generating management reports to track learning effectiveness

eLearning offers a wide range of learning and assessment tools that can be used in different environments, from corporate training to industrial or distance accreditation.

Learning Management System Development

In a world where access to information is the key to staying competitive, organisations rely on their people continually learning new skills, crafting innovative solutions to changing circumstances and staying informed and responsive.

By using this interactive Learning Management System to team the knowledge in your organisation with development and delivery technologies, you can achieve strategic goals, cost-effective training, secure distributed access to information - nationally and internationally, comprehensive learning management, demonstrable efficiencies and certifiable results.

This powerful course management system allows learning administrators to enter an unlimited number of courses and students on the database. The system can be deployed on a LAN, Intranet or the Internet, effectively managing thousands of students and courses.

Administrators can assign courses to students or students to courses. Logs are kept of scores and other student activity.
The system includes:

  • E-mail communication between administrators and students;
  • Built-in threaded discussion groups. 

The Learning Management System is designed to manage the process of delivering training and education over the Internet, including:

  • Managing organisations and members;
  • Designing and developing assessments, and managing content;
  • Managing student access to lessons;
  • Monitoring student progress and tracking scores;
  • Enabling a collaborative learning environment; and
  • Generating management reports to track learning effectiveness.

Users interact with the Learning Management System using their web browser.
Once logged in, a student can:

  • take or resume assessments;
  • view and modify personal information;
  • view reports;
  • open assigned material; and
  • send messages.

The Learning Management System records student activity in a database. Administrators, once logged in, are able to create and manage content, create interactive assessments, review lesson activity, search for members and generate reports. The Learning Management System uses access privileges to secure confidential student and course information. The Learning Management System client/server architecture is designed to scale with the growth of an organisation.

Interactive Learning

Technology has changed the way we live, work, think and learn. Today's workforce has to process more information in a shorter amount of time. New products and services are emerging with accelerating speed. As production cycles and life spans of products continue to shorten, information and training quickly become obsolete. Training managers feel the urgency to deliver knowledge and skills more rapidly and efficiently whenever and wherever needed. In the age of just-in-time production, just-in-time training becomes a critical element to organisational success.

Another advantage to interactive learning is the ability to update any topic in your published content and deliver the results instantly over the Internet or an Intranet. Now all of your learning material can be up-to-date without the expense of reprinting a book, storing inventory or manually distributing an update.

In an online course, you can deliver an unlimited number of colourful graphics and special effects that direct the attention to the important points in the learning material. Students can interact with new material right away, by answering practice questions and determining their own learning pace.

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LMS & E-Learning Development
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